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Andrea Amata - Degree in Computer Sciences
Andrea Amata – Degree in Computer Sciences

Hi. My name is Andrea Amata, I am 33 years old and in 2014 I graduated in Computer Science. I have held several roles in the IT field. I studied the main object-oriented programming languages and I deepened the field of web development. I am passionate about technology. I invite you to browse my site to find out more.


dipartimento di matematica e informatica e1589483380445

Department of mathematics and computer science – Unict

It is thanks to the achievement of this course of study that I was able to acquire numerous computer skills and I was able to study object oriented programming. I made several didactic projects (see the complete curriculum for more details).

programmazione 1

Java programming

This project was the final exam of the university subject programming 1. I developed in Java a multi-squared version of the tic-tac-toe game, also creating an embryonic version of artificial intelligence.



This project was the final exam of the university subject database. I carried out biology studies and using the Java programming language I extrapolated data from several text files containing biological data (adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine).

ingegneria del software

Software engineering

This project was the final exam of the university subject software engineering. I defined the software specifications, the UML diagrams, the use cases and the design patterns, starting from a software project previously assigned to me.


Graphic filters – MATLAB

This project was the final exam of the university subject interaction and multimedia. Using Matlab I made and applied graphic filters to an input image.

seminario sullo spam e1589485118313

Spam seminar

I personally created and held in the classroom the seminar “Detection and removal of spam from social networks“. In particular, I focused on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

stage museo

Internship – Diocesan museum of Catania

In order to access the degree exam, I did this university internship at the Diocesan Museum of Catania. I took care of the IT maintenance of all the computers in the museum, and I digitized all the inventories.

image inpainting

Degree thesis on image inpainting

As a thesis work, I studied some of the most effective image inpainting algorithms. These allow you to reconstruct the sections of corrupt and damaged images, or to completely remove an object by reconstructing the space below. The title is “Image inpainting, restoration of digital images using the Exemplar-Based technique“.

Job career

In this section I will briefly summarize my work experiences.

For all the details, I invite you to read my complete curriculum vitae.


Antea AIM – in progress

Antea is specialized in the development of software solutions, as well as in the supply of integrated services for industrial sectors such as the Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy sectors.

logo ved

VED and Coemi

I worked as IT manager (network manager, firewall manager, and virtual machines manager). Overall I was the IT technician of reference for VED and Coemi.

medilink scaled

Medilink – ICT Solutions

This is a software house where I mainly dealt with the web development of SPA (Single Page Application) both on the frontend and backend side.

progetto archimede software

Progetto Archimede Software

It is a software house for which I managed the website, edited the marketing on the main social networks, and made video tutorials on the use of proprietary software.

Web design

For several years I have been passionate about web development and I am a big supporter of the WordPress CMS. Over the years I have had the opportunity to deepen the job of the web designer, studying various manuals, books and ebooks on the subject. Further down you can find a list of the sites that I have created. All reflect the following three basic characteristics:


The websites I create are responsive, which means that they can be used by any device of any size. The contents will adapt perfectly to make them readable depending on whether you use a smartphone, PC or tablet for navigation.

Optimization and SEO

The websites that I create are optimized to be as fast as possible, with the limits of the hosting you choose (more or less cheap). In addition, I will guarantee the best possible visibility at the start, by properly “feeding” the site to the search engines.


The websites I build are totally protected from any external attack. Personally once a week, or when necessary, I take care of updating all the components, to always guarantee maximum protection.

Certificate of attendance of the training course for digital marketing management:

digital marketing 1

If you want me to create a website for you or your company, do not hesitate to contact me without obligation.

Website Portfolio


My website, where you are right now.

dentista isaia

Dentista Isaia

Website created for the Isaia dental practice.

web brothers blog

Web Brothers Blog

Autism and asperger themed blog.

Curriculum vitae

Below you will find my complete curriculum vitae, with all the details that for reasons of space I have omitted on this site. For security reasons I also avoided entering sensitive data, such as my home address and telephone number. If you are interested, after contacting me, I will be happy to provide you with the full version of these details.


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